Formula VEE




Introducing The 2017 NEFV Championship!

10 Races Over 5 Weekends

August 5 & 6

Round 3 of the NEFV Championship

New Hampshire Motor Speedway - Loudon, NH
(Open Wheel Driving Experience)

The Open Wheel Driving Experience (OWDE) is again scheduled at New Hampshire Motor Speedway on Saturday August 5th.  As racers, one the hardest things to do is explain to your friends, family or co-workers how exciting racing an open wheel car can be.  The OWDE gives an opportunity to a prospective racer to jump in a borrowed formula vee and experience the thrill of driving at their limit with two 20 minute on-track sessions.  The New England Region of the SCCA is special, as it is the only region in the country that demonstrates what it is like to drive an open wheel race car on a big-name racetrack by putting you in the driver’s seat.  If you think you might want to race FV, and are unsure whether you will like it, this is the event for you.

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Formula Vee racing began in 1959.  The concept was to provide an inexpensive, reliable, and competitive race car for everyone to be able to race.  In 1963, SCCA

The thing that struck me most about driving a FV is the complete attachment to the car you get through the controls.  You sit low in the middle of the four wheels, with


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