What makes racing Formula Vee so appealing to most of us Vee drivers?

The thing that struck me most about driving a FV is the complete attachment to the car you get through the controls.  You sit low in the middle of the four wheels, with the engine right behind you.  The controls become extensions of your hands and feet.  You  transfer weight as if you were running in a new pair of sneakers on your feet and hands.  

Yes, running on all fours as fast as you can.  When you go into a turn, you reach out and grab the road and try to push it aside as fast and hard as you can.  The steering wheel becomes your hands and the throttle and brakes are your feet.  You gently dance on the pedals and with the steering to get them all to work together to find the most the car will give you.  When you get it right and the tires are sticking more than you feel is mechanically possible, the motor is doing all the work and the tires are begging for mercy.  You know your doing it right and there is no feeling like it.  In a formula car you are in control of everything the car does.  Then, to make it even more exciting, do that within inches of another driver doing the same thing.  I guess driving any car at it's limit can be exciting.  Most people never get a chance to drive anything at it's limit.   There are many folks that think they are driving a car at it's limit but are far from it.  I enjoy the feeling of stomping on the throttle in a car with 400 hp as much as the next guy but it gets old quick.  Going around a turn, flat out in a Formula Vee gives a thrill that lasts for ever! 

The reasons why we race Formula Vee

*   Good fields with plenty of  competition.
*   Least expensive open wheel class. 
        (Buy a good car and still have money to go racing!)
*   You can go to the track by yourself.  
        ( Easy to push, jack up, change tires etc... )
*   You can tow the race car on a small trailer behind a passenger car.
        (No big tow vehicle needed!)
*   You get to drive a car at it's limit without  super high speeds 
        (below 125mph but as fast as anything else around the turns)
*   Some of the best people in club racing race FV. 
        (just might be the most helpful bunch of people on the planet)
*    Easy to store car and small trailer.
*   Easy to work on. 
        (Very few special tools  needed)
*   Stable rules. 
        (spending more money on new  gadgets won't necessarily make

         you, or your competition faster) 
*   Racing a car, wheel to wheel, is something everyone should get a
     chance to do. 

        "Formula Vee makes ALL of this possible"