Formula Vee racing began in 1959. The concept was to provide an inexpensive, reliable, and competitive race car for everyone to be able to race.  In 1963, SCCA officially recognized Formula Vee as a racing class.  Formula Vee has continued to be one of the world’s most popular and affordable race cars for almost 50 years.  Some Formula One and Indy 500 drivers got there start racing Formula Vee.

With over 100-mph cornering speeds, high G-loads, and nose to tail drafting make for interesting and exciting racing for both the driver and spectator watching. The car’s are constructed of a tubular frame and have a fiberglass or carbon fiber body, Volkswagen beetle engine 1200cc engine, Volkswagen 4 speed gearbox and wheels.  These cars are very affordable to get started in racing and do not require  tons of money to maintain and race.

Formula Vees race on some of the world’s greatest road racing tracks like Watkins Glen, Mid Ohio, VIR, and Road America.  Contact one of our North East representatives on the contact page for more information and get started on your dream to race.